Seven Ways To More Attractive Labels

Published: 18th July 2009
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Do you want to create more attractive custom labels for your products? Well in my experience there are seven great ways to make your label printing designs more attractive and effective. In this guide, I will teach you these seven ways. Take note of these seven tips and in no time at all your label printing designs should be getting the attention that you want in the market.

1. A color above the rest - The fist way to attract people with your custom labels is to use a very distinctive and vibrant color. Color will always attract people as we are attracted to flowers and colorful animals. So make sure that you use a color that catches people's eyes. Sometimes it is a great idea to use a color that is very different from your rivals' so that you can distinguish yourself from them. In other times, using a similar color, or imitating the color of your leading rival can help you get more customers. Whatever the case though, just make sure that your color is as unique and as eye catching as possible to make your custom labels attractive.

2. A name that rings ears - The next thing that you should focus on is the name of your product label. Many people usually remember a product by the brand name and not the quality of the product itself. So in naming your products with product labels, always make sure that the name is very catchy and very easy to memorize. A one word name that only lasts around 2-3 syllables is usually best. Make sure of course that the name has its own intrinsic meaning for your company and that it is related to the field or the products that you are selling.

3. A memorable slogan - Do not also forget to place in a very memorable and catchy slogan. Slogans are sometimes very effective at making people remember a certain product. The ideas, words and phrases can sometimes get stuck in people minds giving your product that instant recall quality as they see your labels. People can immediately recognize your products just by the slogan improving the effectiveness of your labels.

4. An identifiable mascot or logo- Of course, what successful product would be without its mascot or logo. Both mascots and logos are very effective elements in a label. They are both promotional elements serving as "ambassadors" if you will of your products encouraging people to buy them. Of course they are also your messengers in the labels since they basically communicate the passion and expertise of the people that make the products. That is why mascots and logos are a must for labels so that they can attract more people for the product.

5. Encouraging words - Another great tip is to use encouraging words to reassure and attract customers to the product. Phrases like "save 10%" or "Now healthier with less fat" have a great effect when you put them in your labels. They encourage the people who don't normally buy your product to try it out. So if at all possible add in these encouraging words to make your products more attractive to other customers.

6. Words with authority - You may also want to use some expert opinions to establish the authority and quality of your products. Adding words like "doctor approved" or "government approved" establishes an aura of authenticity, authority and legality to your product making it more attractive to picky buyers.

7. Labels of the highest quality - Finally, there is no question that printing quality determines attractiveness. It is always a must for you to print labels in the highest quality possible. With the best paper and the coolest inks around, your labels should always look shiny and impressive to most people. So make sure you spend a little extra to get that professional printing edge.

Great! Now you know how to make more attractive labels. Just practice these seven ways and you will never go wrong with your label printing. Good luck!

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