How To Use Catalogs To Market To Old Customers

Published: 14th February 2012
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A lot of business owners tend to focus only in generating new customers when marketing their business. They assume that if they can get more new customers, they will likely get more sales as well. This leads them to forget about their existing customers who could have brought them more sales and profits if they were only taken care of. Sometimes, they even try to drop non-returning customers simply because they are no longer buying from them. Experts say that marketing to old customers is a lot more cost-effective than marketing to new ones. So, as a clever business owner they need to focus more on their existing customers.

If you are one of those businesses that have a lot of non-returning customers, shouldnít you ask yourself whose fault is that? Remember that they were good customers once. Perhaps the fault is on you and not on them losing interest on your products or services. Maybe itís time you revive your relationship with your old customers. But the question now is can they be influenced to buy again? Sure, they can be. Hereís what you have to do:

First of all, you need to make sure you really want to make your old customers come back again. Doing the job hardheartedly wonít give you good results, so you have to make sure you really want to keep your existing customers buying again.

Once you have decided on gaining your old customers back, you need to pick on the material to use. Catalogs are always a good choice. You can design catalog templates that will convince them to buy again. However, it is best if you put something unique on your catalogs or perhaps create new offerings to pique the curiosity of your old customers. For instance, instead of sending just your catalog, you can consider sending a thank you letter and some discounts or special offers to get them ordering again. A powerful letter will do wonders to your business, so donít forget to send them together with your color catalog.

A little flattery will also help. Why donít you start treating your old customers as one of your best customers? This way they will feel special and be encouraged to purchase again. This strategy may sound a little strange considering that they are inactive customers and they canít possibly belong to your preferred customers. But remember that people often live up to your expectations. Try to tell a kid that he is terrible and bad and he might grow up to be just like that. So, if you tell your customers that you value them, they might seriously consider turning into buying customers again.

You can use your color catalogs to do this. You can consider putting your old customers into a special program. Mail your catalogs with a letter to them explaining that they have been enrolled in a special program. Tell them that this gives them some perks which they can avail of if they buy again from you. You can include coupons and rewards on the catalog which they can use when they make a purchase. If done well, this may bring back your old customers to you and make them profitable customers again.

There are other ideas you can do to turn your non-purchasing customers into the circle again. You can ask catalog printing services for help in creating the perfect catalog that will help in your achieving your goal. Remember that your resources are limitless. Itís up to you to use these resources for your advantage.

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