Four Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Label Printing

Published: 21st August 2009
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Label printing for your products? Well, did you know that there are four major things that can go wrong with most label printing tasks? If you did not know of this yet, then it is good that you are reading this article. This guide will teach you about the four major things that can go wrong in label printing and how to avoid it. With luck, this should really help you make the right decisions when you start printing labels for your products.

1. Early deterioration - One big thing that can go wrong with your custom product labels is early deterioration. This issue directly relates to the paper quality as well as the ink quality of your labels. Materials usually deteriorate early if you used substandard paper stocks that have no significant resistance to certain environmental effects like extreme heat or extreme cold. Both of these effects can tear or break your labels by making them too brittle or to soggy to hold on together.

You can prevent this from happening by deciding on the proper label materials before sending them off to the printer. You must take into account the common environmental effects that your labels will face, be it hot, cold, dry or wet. Use materials that have significant resistances to all those probable agents of deterioration.

2. Adhesive malfunction - Adhesives can also fail in labels. This is the result of bad label production and placement. Most labels should be made like stickers already with adhesive substances already attached to the underside of the paper. However, some people just place the adhesive substances at key places in a product. Malfunctions can happen when those adhesives are not placed properly. If this happens to a significant number of your products, then you have a disaster on your hands because people will now identify your brand as a substandard product. So it helps to have a quality assurance step with your products that checks if all labels are made and placed properly with the proper adhesives.

3. Wrong fit/ wrong dimensions - Another big error in label printing is the production of labels in wrong dimensions. This happens because of the miscommunication between designer and the producer of the product. While producers sometimes round off their figures, designers require exact real world dimensions to create the appropriate design. If they do not communicate well, the color labels have a high probability of not fitting your products making it look odd. Prevent this from happening by always having design meetings before, during and after the printing process. Have your staff compare their notes and confirm their design data always to ensure that everything is working fine.

4. Distorted or wrong colors - Finally, one common error that a lot of people experience is the wrong colors in their labels. This is the product of a difficulty in conversion as a design is changed from an RGB type color format to the printing CMYK format. To help you avoid this, always have a professional graphic artist do the conversions and adjustments of the design for you so that what you see in the computer screen is what you get in your label printing.

Those are the four major things that can go wrong with your label printing and the simple steps to avoid them. Hopefully you have learned something important in this article and you can apply these things to your label printing as well. Good Luck!

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